Monday, July 26, 2010

Tiny Town, White Fence Farm

Isn't he adorable!!! This is the outfit that I had his pictures taken on Friday. I will let everyone know the link as soon as they are on the internet.
I was getting ready for the pool this morning and this is where I found Carson. He loves to play on the computer!

Isn't this the cutest treehouse? This is at the White Fence Farm where we ate dinner on Saturday night.

Carson loved feeding the goats.

This is a steam engine train! One of the few left like this in the country this size.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Haircut, puppies and bubbles

As you can see, we have had a busy weekend. On Friday night Carson and Teague played in the pool together. I bought this pool last summer and forgot that I had it. Carson was more intrigued by the water hose than anything else. He was soaking wet and had a blast.

Bella had her puppies on Sunday morning. She had 3 boys and 1 girl. Two of them are blue roan (like Duke) and 2 are orange roan. Carson wanted to touch them but doesn't have a soft touch! We will go back when they are walking and their eyes are open.

Every night around 7 Carson and Teague play together for about an hour. No matter if they have been together all day, they want to see each other. Sometimes it's the only thing that will calm Carson down. They LOVE to play with each other. Teague got a bubble gun and Carson loved it. He was chasing the bubbles and running around. These boys are so much fun to watch and play with.

Yesterday was Carson's 23 month old birthday!! I can't believe in one month that he will be 2. Where has the time gone?? I am planning his party and it's going to be so much fun. We are going to have the Wonder Pets theme. He loves Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming!! My little boy is growing up so much. If you tell him something right now, he will say "I know." I must say that alot. I love this little guy so much!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy Week

As you can see, we have been a busy family. Last week we went with the youth group to Water World. 46 people went including chaperones. Carson had a blast in the wave pool and was very tired by the time we got home. We left the house at 0800 and got home at 6:30pm. On Saturday we had a block party. We blocked the street off so the kids could run around and pop fireworks. Fireworks are legal in Parker-it just blows my mind that you can do it in your street. On Sunday, we went to watch the Rapids play soccer for July 4th. They have an amazing fireworks show with music. We got to the game and it had been raining all day but we were hoping for sunshine. We barely got any sun but we got drenched. Our jeans were wet from my knee down. Brian ran with Carson in the parking lot and Brian said Carson laughed the entire way.