Thursday, February 28, 2008

The things people say!

Well, yesterday was a bit bizarre and very emotional day for me. I have a friend at work who is pregnant and she thought she was miscarrying at 9 weeks. I think that I immediately went into panic mode!! She has lost a child at 40 weeks so we are in the same boat. I don't think that she was trying to get attached just in case something happens. She went to the ultrasound yesterday and thank goodness everything was fine!!! I was talking to someone at work and they said that "If it wasn't meant to be, that it wasn't meant to be!" I about lost it on her!!! I immediatley walked away and started crying. I was sobbing and it took me about an hour to get myself together. People just don't think!!!!

Last night Brian and I went and had dinner with his parents and we were in separate cars. On the way home, I stopped and got the mail and Brian was behind me. I kept waiting for him to get home and he never did. He called me and told me to come and pick him up that his car had broke down. I went back to him and the left tire was turned the wrong way!! Thank Goodness he was in the neighborhood and wasn't going very fast! We had just finished going about 50 MPH and no telling what might have happened. So, we called the tow truck and had it taken to a garage.

So, that was our day and thank goodness we are still okay and alive. Between the two of us, we never have a dull moment!! We are still waiting on our homestudy paperwork but I will let everyone know when I send in the I600A!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We are officially approved from our homestudy!!

We had our last homestudy visit today at our house and it went great. We were very fortunate to be able to finish the homestudy in 3 weeks and our social worker will have all the paperwork ready next week. We are only waiting on our finger prints from CBI to be processed. I called them today and begged them to m0ve us up in the process and they agreed. Instead of taking 8 weeks, it is only going to take 9 days!!! I was so excited when I got off the phone and told Brian.

So our next step is to send in our I600A to the immigration services to petition to classify a orphan as an immediate relative. We also have to get our finger prints done again and I've heard that this will take about 4-6 weeks. I'm hoping for the shorter!! We will keep everyone updated as we proceed and thanks again for all of your support!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Homestudy visit and MISS friends!!

Well today Brian and I had our first homestudy visit in Evergreen. Everything went exceptionally well!!! We were both relieved and excited as we start our journey. She asked us basic questions about our lives and our backgrounds, how we grew up and how was our childhood. We had a good long talk and got alot accomplished. Our next meeting is next Wednesday and we are both looking forward to accomplishing another milestone in our journey.

She did ask us questions that we would have never thought of. Even when I was pregnant with Grace I didn't give a thought about who would raise her if something happened to us. They want us to plan for the child's life and think through questions that most would not think about. Brian and I looked at each other and said it had never occured to us to even question. I think that the homestudy will be good for us to help us work through the what ifs??

On a different note-- I went to my MISS group tonight and I just love all of my friends who have gone through a loss and just get it. I can feel at ease and be myself without worrying what I can and can not say. A bunch of new parents were there and that just plain sucks!!! I'm glad that there is a group so that we can meet others and know that we are not going crazy but I just wish it never had to exist. I just don't know what I would do without you all. All of you are very amazing women and I cherish the friendships that I have with each and every one of you!!!