Thursday, February 28, 2008

The things people say!

Well, yesterday was a bit bizarre and very emotional day for me. I have a friend at work who is pregnant and she thought she was miscarrying at 9 weeks. I think that I immediately went into panic mode!! She has lost a child at 40 weeks so we are in the same boat. I don't think that she was trying to get attached just in case something happens. She went to the ultrasound yesterday and thank goodness everything was fine!!! I was talking to someone at work and they said that "If it wasn't meant to be, that it wasn't meant to be!" I about lost it on her!!! I immediatley walked away and started crying. I was sobbing and it took me about an hour to get myself together. People just don't think!!!!

Last night Brian and I went and had dinner with his parents and we were in separate cars. On the way home, I stopped and got the mail and Brian was behind me. I kept waiting for him to get home and he never did. He called me and told me to come and pick him up that his car had broke down. I went back to him and the left tire was turned the wrong way!! Thank Goodness he was in the neighborhood and wasn't going very fast! We had just finished going about 50 MPH and no telling what might have happened. So, we called the tow truck and had it taken to a garage.

So, that was our day and thank goodness we are still okay and alive. Between the two of us, we never have a dull moment!! We are still waiting on our homestudy paperwork but I will let everyone know when I send in the I600A!!


LaWanna said...

I know this is late, but I am soooo sorry you had to deal with that! You're right, some people just don't think before they speak! We just have to continue to pray for people like that. Unfortunately, they are going to be in this world, and we have to ask the Lord to help us deal with these people the right way:) I am also so thankful that Bryan was ok and it wasnt a serious accident or anything.....the Lord was with Him:)

You all continue seeking Christ and giving Him all your burdens...He will carry them for you:) Love you guys tremendously!