Sunday, April 20, 2008

Profile Complete!!

Our profile for the domestic adoption is completed. YEAH!!! Brian and I have been working on it nonstop from Thursday until 1100 last night. I'm so glad that it is done. Personally, I think that it looks pretty good because I'm not the most creative person in the world. We are going to have it proofed and then take it to Kinko's and they will print 5 copies and bind them. We should be mailing them off by the end of next week. Then the waiting begins. We will have done everything in our power and I'm just going to have to be patient.

We are going on a cruise in May and I'm so excited. There are 19 of us going together because it's my parents 35th anniversary and our 5th. A bunch of relatives that I haven't seen in a long time are going and it's just going to be great. We are going to go snorkeling and do a bunch of drinking!!

I'm giving a shout out to all of my MISS moms!!! You guys are great and I can't wait to go to dinner on Wednesday. We are going to have to keep going out to eat every other week for all of our mental health!!!


Jill said...

Congratultions on finishing your profile. Doesn't it feel good, to finish a big project?

Can't wait to see you on Wednesday. Jenny and I were thinking about getting there earlier and visiting my best friend Jose Cuervo. :) I think you said you are coming from work , so if you(or other MISS moms) want to meet us early e-mail me.

Kristi said...

Yes, a very big congratulations to you both!

And I hope you have a fantastic time on your cruise!

Corinne said...

Congratulations! You must be so excited to have this step completed. I am saying prayers that you'll move through to Finn and Claire swiftly.

See you for dinner on Wed. Perhaps we'll need a designated driver!?