Sunday, December 28, 2008

Carson's first Christmas, First Feeding and fun pictures

This picture makes me laugh because I was pushing the sounds on the book and his eyes were huge!!
This is his first feeding and he ate sweet potatoes. He was not sure what to think but then I couldn't get them in fast enough before he started getting mad. We have since purchased a high chair and he enjoys eating. We had to buy the high chair because he can almost get out of the bumbo seat.
This picture is from today and he was a happy boy. We had just got back from taking the dogs on a walk. Let me just say- it was a fast one because it was just me, the dogs and Carson. My dogs are not the best on leashes and we were the ones being walked- not the dogs!!


LaWanna said...

OMGoodness Jenn, that one picture when you pushed the sound, is too cute and hilarious:)haha He is too stinkin cute! I know he is going to LOVE table food when he gets his hands on it! Watch out guys, Carson is going to eat you all out of house and home, then he will be onto Duke & Bella's food if yall don't keep up with his appetite:) I LOVE it!