Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day from Hell

Carson is the best greeter of all times. I had a day from heck and I went to Noelle's to pick him up and he has the biggest smile and hug to give to me. I just love coming home to him. He is awesome. As we were leaving Noelle's she told me that Carson made me a Mother's Day present. It just made me feel so good inside because this is the first Mother's Day with a living child. When we got home, I looked in the bag and I had 2 pictures, a card and a handprint with a poem. I started crying and could not get ahold of myself. Sitting here now typing this about 5 hours later- I'm still tearing up. I have to say- this is going to be my best mother's day ever!! These are a few pictures of my little man trying to dismantle his swing and get the animals. He was laughing so hard and having the best time tonight!!