Sunday, September 6, 2009

Children's museum

I had to post this so you will know what my house looks like after Carson is done playing at the end of the day. I have stepped on so many toys and I don't even notice it anymore. Although this picture makes it look kind of clean-if you can believe that.

This is my little stud muffin! He is so cute playing in his room.

Daddy and Carson. I asked Brian if he dressed them alike on purpose and he said yes! They needed to match that day!!
Carson playing at the Children's Museum. The owl and ladybug rotate so he was spinning them. He absolutely loves to spin anything or throw anything in sight.

Getting ready to go to the next activity!

Carson loves the beads that go around and around. We have one at home that Corinne gave him and he plays with that toy all the time!!

This boat rocked back and forth and Carson was having a good time on it. He was hitting his hands on the bar when he would stand up.

He was waiting for me to take his picture so he could go down the slide. He is my camera ham!!

Our future firefighter!! He loved pushing the buttons in the fire truck and hearing the sirens go off. This was a real fire truck that had been retired by a fire house.

He was saying enough already!! He kept taking the jacket off but I was determined to get a picture with him in it! I thought Den would like this!

Watch for more pictures tomorrow. We are going to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. Our plan is to go in the morning so we can run errands in the afternoon and get ready for the work week. I hope everyone has a great week!!


Glenna Marshall said...

He is soo cute!

Regarding your question about hair products: the products I'm using right now are from Wal*Mart. I use Palmer's Olive Oil shampoo and conditioner. And I use their spray oil for a little moisture on a daily basis. I comb through his hair every day and apply Just For Me Curl Smoothing Creme. It's in a blue bottle with a yellow top, and you can get it at Wal*Mart, too. If you keep his hair longer than buzzed short, you should probably be picking and moisturizing it every day. At least that's what I've read...and that seems to help Isaiah's.
I also really like Silken Child's Leave in Conditioner that you can get at a Sally's Beauty Supply. I really need to get to Sally's and get some more! And it smells sooo good! The more moisture the better, really.