Saturday, April 24, 2010

We are back and ready for summer

I could not get this picture to rotate so you will just have to turn your head. Carson let everyone hold him and was not afraid of anyone. I was so happy that he was care free.
The lights to our room were controlled right above the bed. Carson turned them on and off about a thousand times a day!
Brian, Misty and Matt all wore green one night to dinner. We were all laughing because it was not planned!
This is what I ate for dessert every night. It was DELICIOUS!! Chocolate melting cake with 2 scoops of ice cream. How I would love to have some right now.
Carson loves to grab Brian and I and watch us kiss. I have no idea where he got this but he is still doing it here at home.
Uncle Byron took Carson swimming. He loves the water. I signed Carson up today to start swimming lessons next Saturday. The class is called Mommy and Me. I have to get in the water with him and the class is 30 minutes long. I know he is going to love it!!
This was one huge beer that Brian drank. We tried to bring the container with us but they wouldn't let us back on the ship with it.

My cousin Seth-he looks sharp!
Brian's parents-PJ and Doug
Byron and Misty-She is 23 weeks pregnant and barely made the cutoff to be able to go.
The Conquest!
Byron and Carson

Me and Aunt Sheila
View from the top of the ship


Jill said...

This just reminds me how bad I need vacation. I guess. . Calgon take me away will have to do and looking at your pics. We did miss you, it seemed like you were gone forever!!!