Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dancing with his Mickey!

It finally snowed here this past week. Last year Carson did not like the snow and cried everytime we tried to put him in it. This year is a different story! He LOVED the snow. He thought it was really funny to make snowballs and throw them at me. I need to buy him a sled. I think he will really like going down the hills!! I have never been sledding so we will both get to try it for the first time.

Brian and I both have decided that we are going to become committed to God. We are going to read the entire bible in 365 days (on the kindle) and join a group at church. We have been enjoying our "comfort zone" for a little too long and we are going to branch out. Carson really enjoys going to church and learning about God. We want to set a good example for him and bring him up in a Godly home. I am trying to teach him "Jesus Loves Me" and it is so cute to hear him say some of the words.


Anne said...

That's very inspiring! I think our family needs to work on recommitting to God this year, and this is a good reminder of that. Going to church every Sunday isn't good enough--it has to be an ALL week relationship, right? :-)

Jill said...

That is great Jen!!! Seeing God through a childs eyes is just beautiful. I can't wait until Jade can go to Sunday School.

LaWanna said...

That is so awesome to hear Jenn! God is so good and the best thing we can do to bless Him is to live a life for HIM and be 100% SOLD OUT FOR JESUS!!!!! Carson is a blessed child to have parents that love the Lord and want to pass that love on to him, so when he grows up, He will love Jesus with all his heart! We love the Lord and there was no doubt that the girls would love Him too:) Keep pleasing Him with your life, He has blessed you guys tremendously! Love you lady and hope to talk to you soon:)