Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just waiting!

Well, our homestudy is going to the state to be approved and of course it costs money! We have to send $160.00 and then hopefully we will hear something early next week and then send it our I600-A with $670 plus $80.00 per person for fingerprinting to USCIS. We already did our fingerprints for the homestudy and it only cost $10. I wonder where all this money is going??? I have heard that this process takes 6-12 weeks and I'm hoping for the shorter end. I will probably have to throw a fit to get it moving faster. I don't get why it takes so long and costs so much money. That's that latest with us.


LaWanna said...

Hang in there Jen! I know its hard because you are so ready to have Claire in your arms for good, but all this waiting will pay off when you see her for the first time:) I am praying that this process starts picking up for you guys! Big hugs!

Kristi said...

Hi Jen ~
Just wanted let you know that I am hoping that this process starts to speed up for you.

jcrain said...

Jen-jen, you are a Doll! I love you and I pray that whatever the cost... you will get your Claire or Carson.. I didn't "have" mine, I "got" them and I LOVE my sons... YOu are one of the most wonderful kids that I have ever known... KEep praying and keep loving and I know that God will come thru ... In His perfect time!!! I love you... Crain