Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The adventures in adoption

I never knew you could be so high one second and in the pit of hell the next. We have had a few emotional, exciting, interesting 4 days. We got a call on Friday that our profile was going to be shown to a family that was having a baby girl. We were elated!! I should not have gotten so happy. I kept telling myself that there were 2 other couples besides ourselves and it wouldn't be the end of the world if it didn't happen. Needless to say, the weekend was excruciating!! But, we made it through.

Birthmom #1- pregnant by an affair and the family does not know she is pregnant. She has children and is telling them that the baby dies (why baby does not come home from hospital). I just can't imagine when the child gets older telling them the true story. The emotions and psyche are forever going to be messed up. Also, the living children are going to be grieving a sibling. This is so wrong to me!! Needless to say, she picked a couple on the east coast hoping to never see this child again.

Birthmom #2- This child had a adoptive family picked out but on a ultrasound the bones were measuring small so the family backed out. They were told the baby was going to be a dwarf so a dwarf family was found. But, the baby was born last week and the baby is normal so the dwarf family backed out. Our profile was sent yesterday with a few others and she picked a family that lives 10 minutes from her. She wants to see the baby once a month!! I don't know about you but this isn't the kind of adoption I was planning on.

Brian and I have both agreed that these 2 situations were not meant for us. I was very stressed out and I've told myself to relax and it will happen. I didn't get that upset whenever we were told that we were not picked- which amazes me!! I want a baby so bad and would literally do anything to get one. There are more birthmom's in line and I just have to keep patient.


Jill said...

((Hugs)) Try and keep your spirits up!!

"The angel of love will fill your heart and you will have all you seek in time to come."

Jenny said...

I've been thinking of you and keeping you both in my prayers.

Jill always sends wonderful little quotes. So here's mine . . .

"Quilting it's not just for old ladies anymore!"

Corinne said...

I am glad that you are not totally crushed that these babies did not find their way to you, but like you said... they were not meant to be yours, and the situations were so bizarre! I continue to be hopeful with you and just know we'll all be having a sip and see at your huse soon! Love, Corinne