Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The things people say

Carson got these burp rags from a friend of mine who I work and quilt with. They are liked by a ton of people and someone from my mom's work wants to make some for her grandchild. So, the following pictures are for show and tell!! Thanks-Wendy

Okay- for the dumb comments. Brian had to go get his blood drawn yesterday at the VA and he took Carson. In case you don't know, Brian has Carson two days a week and Brian's mom watches him three days. We are so lucky to not have to put him in daycare. It makes it much easier for me to go to work. Back to dumb comments- The lady said to Brian, "So, you are babysitting?" Brian said no that he is his baby. The next thought is- oh, your wife is African American? I get the same comment all the time if Brian is not with me. Or, they will say what a cute bi-racial baby and I have to correct them and say that he is ours!! Some people are closed minded!!


Jill said...

You need to come up with some outrageous story when people say stupid things. :)

1. We bought him on Ebay.
2. You really think he is African- American? I was sure he was Caucasian, we will have to get that changed on his birth certificate. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

COinCO said...

LOL JILL!! That is hysterical, and I totally agree. You've opened a new can of worms Jen, now we have not only to deal with the stupid comments about our angels, we can look forward to lovely gems about what the heck two white people are doing with Carson - the cutie baby with the chubbly legs! Is this really 2008, you'd think people have never heard of adoption before.

For the list of responses :)

3. You know, the hospital assured me there was not a mixup, you think I should call them again?

LaWanna said...

Hey lady, those burp cloths are SO CUTE! She did a wonderful job!

Now to dumb comments...........some people are just so shallow and I can't stand it. All we can do is pray for them:)

Jill said...

4. I grabbed the self tanning cream, instead of the baby lotion.

Gosh I crack myself up.