Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Carson riding the horse!

Say cheese!

Hunting the eggs that the chickens left at Lily's birthday party!

Miss Jade- Carson's friend

Birthday girl- Miss Lily

Carson trying to get away from the bunny

Carson riding a horse for the first time. He was not too thrilled!

Swimming with daddy in the big pool!
Floating around in the baby pool!

Mommy and Carson at the Butterfly Release.

We have been extremely busy this weekend. On Saturday we went to the Rowan Tree Butterfly Release in the morning. The ceremony was awesome and so many babies were remebered!! We let butterflies go and watched them fly around while the kids played. After that, we went to a awesome breakfast at the Pinery. We had really good food!! Then in the afternoon, we went swimming. Swimming is becoming a weekly event and Carson LOVES the water!!

Today we went to Lily's third birthday party. A bunch of animals were there for Carson and all the kids to pet and play with. We had a Llama, Alpaca, goat, bunnies, chickens, horse, ducks and he got to ride the horse. The kids loved all the animals. We had a great time and now Carson is down for his afternoon nap. We are going to hang out the rest of the day and go on a walk when Brian gets home.