Saturday, June 6, 2009

I hate goodbyes

As everyone knows my mom left today. I hate it when she leaves. It just leaves me in the most depressed mood and I don't want to be bothered!! We had a awesome time and Carson loved it so much. Memaw Sheila was here and she left also and the house is very quiet! Carson got a bunch of clothes, a wagon and a horse to ride. He loves everything that he got and has played with all of it. I'm loving dressing him up everyday because he gets to wear something new. I cleaned out his closet and put all of his new clothes to hang up.

These are a few pictures of Carson from yesterday. He is making funny faces and is such a ham these days. The picture with Mickey and his Mickey shirt are for Uncle Byron and Aunt Misty!! They bought him the shirt and Mickey in Disneyworld when they were there last month.