Friday, May 2, 2008

The "Dreaded" Mother's Day

Probably not everyone thinks that Mother's Day is dreaded but I am here to tell you different. Have you ever tried to go and buy a card for Mother's Day and not have a living child?? I've tried to go and buy some for my MISS moms and a card does not exist. I keep telling Brian that Hallmark needs to get with it even if we don't have a living child!!! I was on my MISS website and I found this interesting fact about how Mother's Day was actually started. Here is the article:

I was intrigued, as I found out that the founder of Mother’s day was inspired by the intense pain she witnessed in mothers who had lost children (sons to war). I did a little research online. Here was what I found. . . . Mother's Day was originally called Mother’s Day for PeaceThe first Mother's Day was in 1870, when women gathered to mourn losing their sons in the Civil War. The original Mother's Day Proclamation by Julia Ward Howe from 1870 is a timeless reminder of the profound loss and pain war creates for all mothers, but it also deeply recognizes that from such loss and pain can come a fierce determination and power within all mothers, to join each other, and give rise to the birth of peace.

So.... It was originally started for women who lost their sons in war. It's amazing how we have gotten so far from the reason it was originally started. I sometimes call these holidays "Hallmark Holidays" (how they make money). Last year for father's day I had to make Brian a card on the computer and color it myself because they just don't exist. Hopefully in the future someone at Hallmark will get a clue and count us as mothers and fathers because we are. We miss our little ones like crazy!!!



Jill said...

I already have a pit in my stomach thinking about Sunday. It will be such a sad lonely day for me. :(