Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My grandma

Today we lost my grandma 13 years ago. It seems like yesterday that she left us. I will never forget that I came home from drivers ed and my mom said that she had to leave that night because my grandma had a stroke and my brother was going to drive her to Houston. At the time, my dad was working in Austin so I stayed with some friends because I was in high school. I thought that she had a stroke and she would be in rehab for a while. My mom was planning on staying in Houston until she got better and I would just stay with friends.

Well the plans changed!! I went to Austin with Kendra and her mom and my dad called and said that he needed to pick me up. I said okay and we met him and he told me that she had another massive stroke and they would be taking her off life support. I remember it so clearly today. My dad and I were driving and we kept passing cemetaries. I know that I noticed them because it was on my mind but I was so frustrated. I never expected my grandma to be gone so fast and so quickly. We got there on Friday night and they took her off life support on Saturday at noon. They kept her alive until we got there. I know that her spirit was gone but I didn't totally understand at the age I was.

My grandma was the best at anything and everything. She was the most amazing cook!! Some of my favorites:

Chicken N' Dumplins
Banana Pudding
Homemade fig jelly
Fresh fruit pies
Sausage in the morning for breakfast

She could sew, good shopper and best of all she was my grandma. I can still recite her phone number after all these years. My grandpa has moved on and married this woman who know of us like-(she is another whole post) who knows if he thinks about her but I know that she will never be forgotten.

Grandma-- We love you and I know that you are taking good care of Grace!! I can't wait until we see each other again and I can get a big hug from you!!!

I miss you bunches and I love you very much!!!!


Corinne said...


It is so wonderful to have such fabulous memories of your grandma. It sounds like you had a special relationship. I am thinking of you and thinking of the foods that she made, that you loved. :)

All of my grandparents died when I was a young girl, but I don't think I will ever forget my Nana's from-scratch cakes that she used to cover with powdered confectioner's sugar.

See you tomorrow!