Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pictures from our trip

Me, Olivia and my Aunt Sheila

The Ecstasy and The Fantasy (docked at Yucatan)

My grandma, dad and mom

The ship at night
The grand entrance
Olivia jumping from the window in our room to the bed. Such a cutie!!

Olivia playing hide and go seek with Brian!!

The car on the way from the hotel to the ship--Think we could of fit anymore??

Me, my brother and mom at Yucatan

At the formal dinner- me, my cousin Seth, Aunt Bobbie and my grandma
My mom and I on the last day
Me and my cousin leaving the harbor in Galveston

At the formal dinner- we had 2 tables because of how many people went with us.
Lavita, Leslie, Olivia, Warren, Tori, my dad, mom and my brother Byron


Corinne said...

Oh man... it looks like a fabulous trip! I think we're going to have to investigate a family cruise for us. Thanks for sharing the pictures!!


Jill said...

Sounds amazing!!! Did you get off the boat during the week? Did they have stops?