Friday, August 29, 2008

A bunch at once

Well, we currently have 3 birthmoms looking at our profiles. Who knows- maybe we will get 3 kiddos- NOT!! They are all in Oklahoma and due in September 19, late October and November 8th. Who knows if any will pick us but I sure hope so!! I just keep praying that God will give us what we can handle. All of these children are either half African American or 3/4ths African American and I am going to need some major help on the hair!! I have a hard time doing my own, little less someone elses and African American.

I'm hoping to have some news next week, but these birthmoms just aren't on any time schedule. We basically just sit and wait for them to take their sweet time. Come on Birthmom PICK US!!!


Corinne said...

I know that your baby is out there just waiting for their mom to do her job and pick you guys... it must be so hard to remain patient!! (I can hardly stand it myself!)

Sending my very best wishes out in to the universe to send your baby home soon. -Corinne xox

Jenn said...

hi - just found your blog - CONGRATS!! so, so exciting. if you ever have any questions about hair or skin, feel free to ask. i'm looking forward to following along!