Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sushi, Democratic National Convention and adoption update

Sushi- Can you believe that I ate sushi?? I went out on Friday night with some friends at a sushi restaurant and I had some. It was called a Philadelphia roll. It had salmon, cream cheese, avocado, seaweed wrap and sticky rice. I'm not too sure about the texture of the seaweed wrap. We had a great time and laughed the entire night. We got to the restaurant at 6:30 and did not leave until 10:30- amazing friends!!

Democratic National Convention- If you watch tv than you know that the convention is being held here in Denver. A friend of mine has a friend who works for Xcel Energy and they are a big donor for the convention. We got tickets for Sunday night to a concert to see Sheryl Crow, Sugarland, and Dave Mathews. The concert was awesome!! They didn't talk much politics- just about how to recycle, "Go Green."

Adoption Update-We have 2 birthmom's looking at our profiles in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I am waiting to hear what the agency has to say. I'm not sure when they are going to make a decision but I hope they hurry up!! It is so hard to wait! As soon as we hear, I will update.


Corinne said...

I am a witness to the Sushi incident (well, and the DNC night too!) But must express how impressed our sushi eating friend was that Jen chose a rather impressive roll to try as her first bite of the stuff!! Woohoo go Jen, Sushi. Next time, those little copper eggs! *pop*