Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1 Month Old!

I can not believe that he is 1 month old today!! It seems like we just came home- 1 week ago today and he is already growing and getting bigger. He is such a sweet boy!! You will notice that he has 2 different outfits on in these pictures because he pooped just as I taking a picture and it went everywhere!! I mean everywhere!!! It got on the carpet, me, Duke and of course all over him. We love him so much and he is already spoiled!!

Here is an update of somethings he likes and dislikes:

LIKES: loves to eat, bath time, cuddle (He is a great cuddler!!), pacifier, go for a walk in the baby bjorn

DISLIKES: car seat, having his clothes changed, diaper changes,


LaWanna said...

Oh Jenn, Carson is getting SO BIG!!! He has changed so much since the pics from Vegas! He is just too cute. When are you guys going to have your first family pictures taken??? I wish I could just hold him:( When are your parents coming up? Thanks for updating! Kisses to Carson.

COinCO said...

In that 2nd picture he looks like he is saying "Whatchu lookin at Willis!?" (dont tell me you're too young for that).

Can't wait to see you guys today!

COinCO said...

OH - I wanted to tell you to grab a stuffed animal of his (one that is about his size) and take his milestone pictures with it next to him. You'll be blown away at how fast he grows, and he will LOVE having that animal when he is older and to see the pictures of how small he was. :)