Saturday, September 6, 2008

What's going down in our town- Las Vegas

I wanted to write and let everyone know the entire story from the beginning when we got the call. So here we go!!

I was at work on Wednesday and our social worker called and said that we had to adoption possibilites and that she emailed all the info. A boy and girl were presented to us. I called Brian and we agreed to try for the girl first because of issues with the birthmom. By the time we called back, the little girl was being adopted by a Texas family! Yeah!! We decided to check out the boy more and we talked to the social worker and the cradle care mom that had been taking care of him. They told us how awesome he was and all the updated info and facts. We could not say No!! I texted Brian who was in school and said CALL ME NOW!! I am not the most patient person in the world if you know me. It felt like it took forever for him to call but he did and we both decided to say yes. I called the agency back and they said he is yours- when can you get here?

Brian and I were on a mission once they said they wanted us in Vegas the next day. I left work and went home in a furry trying to get stuff together. Brian was on the train home and was so excited he got on the wrong train! ha!! We both were going in circles trying to figure out what to pack, and just started throwing stuff in bags and packing the car. Thank goodness for friends who came and saved us on what to take for Carson. They let us borrow a stroller, car seat, diaper bag- showed us how to use everything and they were definitely a blessing. I don't think we could have done it without them. We left Denver at 10 pm and drove through the night. Brian drove first, then I drove and Brian finished bringing us to Vegas.

We got here at about 8:00 and the agency did not open until 8:30 so we checked into a hotel that was recommend and chilled out for a bit. We were both exhausted but our adrenaline was pumping and we were ready. We both took showers and started getting dressed. At about 10:30 the agency here called and we met her at 12. He had a bit of a detour because we had to get a cashier's check- which was not easy. Our bank is only in Colorado so no one wanted to help us. Thank goodness- US Bank came through and we were on our way. After we signed the paperwork, we went and had lunch because it was already about 2 and we were both cranky!! After we ate, we were on our way!

We got to the cradle care's mom's house and we were both so anxious. Brian kept saying that it felt like he had butterflies in him stomach. I was still in shock and surreal. We walked in she said here he is. Both of us did not cry at this point. She showed us some more paperwork, went over his feedings, medicine, and all the ins and outs that he likes. We were getting ready to go and Julie started getting teary. He had been with her for 18 days and we are so grateful that he had someone so sweet and loving taking care of him. She is awesome. On our way out- we all lost it. It was real- He was going home with us!! We both got in the car and could not talk. It was the most amazing feeling in the world.

After we left, we went back to our hotel and hung out. We have been doing that ever since we picked him up. We have to be here 7-10 working business days due to the ICPC agreement between states. Basically, Nevada and Colorado have to approve us to go home so we are stuck here until that happens. So that could possibly be another 2 weeks here for us. The hotel staff have been great and helped us whenever we needed anything.

Yesterday we went to the strip and ate at Margaritaville and had dinner which was great but we are not adventuring out too much. It has been 103 here and it's just unbearable. We can't wait to get home and be in our own stuff.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone and showing off our man.


LaWanna said...

Oh Jenn, just reading your story gave me chills! God is so good and I am so thankful for what He has done! I cant wait to see him one day soon, I am praying! Wow, what an awesome story!